Sunday, May 27, 2007


I applaud for it.
At least it's better than MySpace.
I think MySpace is a bit chaotic and confusing and when I log on it,I feel the urge to log off.
There are too many promotions there.
Maybe many stars are there and you can learn there latest news and probably where their next concert stop will be and...but I really don't feel like it.

When I first learn about Facebook and its description,I thought 'won't it be the same thing as MySpace?'
Luckily I'd always like to have a try on new things (at least newly met things).
And it turns out to be better than MySpace...

And today I found Jennifer Hsiung's profile...

No matter where I am,I am not a very active member.
Need to enjoy life.
Internet is just part of it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sometimes I just don't like the CCTV Blog.

1.When you would like the comment you left to be
like this
like this
like this
like this

It will later be come
like this like this like this like this

2.When you are expecting your post would appear after click the 'publish' button,you have to be reminded that you have to wait for a while.

3.You have to be patient to wait to the 'Comment Successfully Pubished' window to come.
When you are not,and click the 'publish' button for several times,you will find the comments repeated.

4.Browser difference
It appears differently.Use Firefox would see a relatively ugly font,but using IE things are not that bad.

However,I did have great time there.
Though the first one listed is still troubling me.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Cold Winter Day

The page finally loaded successfully and I can blog!

Today I think it's the coldest day this winter by far!

But today we did got some sunshine,and the snow melted.
Well,the water was dirty.
However,dirty water can also reflect the broad sky.
--This thought isn't new,I had it a few years ago.But it always teach me a way to be hopeful and optimistic.

Snow/Ice melt under the sunshine.
At night the tempretures is much lower and it frozed again!
Circles of life.

Aquarius people,me.