Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cold Weather,Cold Time

Autumn leaves.

It's nice to live in North part of China that we have four seasons.

I spotted some in school.
We should still wait,wait until they all get red.

But should I expect that?


Please stop.

In fact,often I wish the time can stop.
Then parents don't have to get old.

I wish the time can stop,so that I can do more things.
I even wish the time can draw back,then I can see how I looked like the first moment I arrive in the world;
then I can see myself palying at primary school,or maybe,hit by the careless boy that my knee bled,and see the did-not-cry me,etc.

I am not in a good condition.
Illness makes me think a lot.

I will treasure every moment I have.
No one should deter me,they are not even worth to make you feel upset.

And of course,time will not stop.
So let's embrace Autumn,and then Winter!

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