Saturday, October 21, 2006

Inside and Outside the Studio...

Just read about the post TGIF in James' blog.

He had to adjust working schedule from that in HK.
And he is lack of sleep...but can be refreshed by taking naps.

And he talked about the phone interview.
I arrived home and I didn't watch the whole interview.But I did hear he apologised for technical problems(? I don't know,I wasn't watching then,and didn't know what exactly happened.)
This is the first reaction to his apology.
Something happened.

I remember Biz China's anchor Rui Chenggang once said 'the show must move on'.
And some also said that it to be anchor looks glorious,but in fact it's hard.

So someone who has heart disease (arrhythmia is OK,ha) had better not choose work as anchor.

I also prefer it to be cooler.For the same reason.
But too cold would make me feel sick.
'Would you please shut the window?'
Now it's cold outside.
This evening Halla Mohideen (Sorry for not catch your name.) tell us it's warmer than before.
Global warming.
Though,winter is still cold.
Hope there will be more snow.
I think snow is a romantic element.

When think of winter,I would always think of other things,
shining snow in the streetlight,glove,warm clothes,snow ball fighting (with laughter),etc.

Better stop,as it's getting tangent...

Don't forget,World Insight tomorrow!

By the way,I make some words bold for the convenience of reading.

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